Fast forward

…….so here we are two and a half years later and ive got myself a fine little man, well (most times!) if he doesn’t relapse into an incomprehensible tantrum, don’t we all love that?! These days, things are very much in perspective, albeit that of a 3 and a half year old’s. Last weekend, we were at a playground in a very huge mall when he suddenly said to me;

Little man: Mama, you wanna colour me?
Me: Colour you?! ( you are already so colourful my dearest)
Little man: yeah, C’mon! ( as he dragged my hand to a little shop where he proceeded to choose a bus for him and a little butterfly for me, how cute!)

Oh he meant colour WITH him! well let’s see….

my happy little man :)
colourful bus!

there she is!

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