Simple pleasures

In an effort to enhance my life, I have made a promise to de-clutter my space to make room for more. I know it sounds a little contradictory to now want more but to make it simple, I want more of things that matter. I want to feel more (emotions) with less (things).

Life, as it is, has now become a frenzy with never ending technology that vows to make everything faster. But is faster always better? What about giving time to things to take its’ natural cause?  Why have we become so complicated and forgotten the simplest of things life has to offer us?  

Being busy in our daily routines sometimes makes it hard to pause and reflect. But this is something we must strive to do, in order not to miss out on the most important aspects of our lives that really revolves around the most mundane of things. It is a natural process that we must allow to take place.

I feel more aware now just being present around my Little Man, taking time to appreciate every conversation I have with him, indulging in a hot cup of vanilla milk, smiling at the Monsieur, looking at old photos and remembering that very day when it happened, thinking thoughts that bring a smile to my face, engaging in a witty conversation, smelling the scent of fresh lillies I picked up on the way home from groceries, reading a good book, enjoying my favourite piece of music, listening to the rain drops outside or the first warmth of the sun hitting your face in the morning and the list goes on….

These simple pleasures, I find, are some of the true luxuries of my life. And I hope reading this will inspire you to find some of your own that you will treasure. And in case you’ve not gotten any ideas, I’ll leave you to Charlie Brown for some…

Are we there yet ?  ;-)

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