Date Night!

Every now and then, the Monsieur and I try to slip out for a date together. Most times, we end up going to the cinema. It’s really hard for me to complain about this one (because it seems like that’s mostly what we do!) as I really am just happy to catch a good movie that’s currently showing. I feel that it really doesn’t matter what you do together as a couple to keep your thing goin’ as long as you do it together and remember to have a good time while at it.

So, this is us catching 12 Years A Slave, which incidentally won Best Picture at the Oscars last night or this morning rather! Woohoooo!!

So what do you normally do to spend time with your significant other? By the way, the Monsieur and I did not snap this picture during the movie, it was before. I thought I’d mention it as our expressions during the course of the movie would very much be like the 2 movie goers above us!

P.S: Who do think wore the best outfit at the Oscars?

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