The O word is Organic

If there is one popular response whenever I mention the word organic it would be : expensive.
More importantly, I would like to highlight that eating organic nowadays should not be a matter of preference as much as it is a necessity! If only we pay more attention to what we are putting into our mouths. There have been several articles discussing the effects of eating mass produced foods. You can be rest assured, its not all food. Things like pesticides, harmful chemicals and even detergents are present in every single thing we pull out of the supermarket’s shelves. Even supposedly fresh produce are not free from these.

What I’d like for you readers is simply to be more aware of the choices that you have. And you do have choices! I have announced sometime before that I was going organic and lo and behold, people started assuming that I’ve turned vegetarian! This is so cute and I had such a good laugh. Let me explain.

What makes something organic and wholesome is the waiting time for it to fully mature before consuming it. Doesn’t matter what it is, could be fruits, vegetables or even animals for that matter.It’s like growing your own fruits or vegetables! It takes time. This cycle is what adds to its cost. Not only the time but also the certainty that no chemicals were added to speed up growth or alter its genes.

It is a fact that more and more of the produce we consume is produced at such amazing speed that it is available throughout the year! This is unnatural, don’t u think? Do you remember liking a type of fruit when you were younger and when you asked for it again sometime later, you would be told (usually by your mum or dad or someone older) that it is not available yet? Well this is exactly why. We have to wait out the time for something to grow properly before we eat it and this is simply what organic means!

The term organic was actually coined out from the US to imply that agricultural produce went under certain standards of production including farming techniques. Its main purpose is to introduce sustainability and encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. This is what we are actually paying for.

And if you think about it, we are organic ourselves. Takes us nine months or so to get here and if lesser, we would be labelled and kept in the hospital til we are good to go home right? We are the wonderful product of nature taking its due course. So, why should we feed ourselves anything lesser than that?

Here is where you will find a useful list of items you should buy organic for your next grocery trip.
And click here for why. Good luck and enjoy the experience ;)

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