What I won’t do for you my son…

As mothers, we are inclined to always want the best for our children. This is a natural instinct of a mother or parent. And, of course we won’t think twice to come to their rescue every time something bad happens. But, research has it that our well meaning intention is in fact doing them more harm than good.

Why is this so?

It has very much to do with life itself. Sometimes, in our eagerness to be the best provider for our child/children, we always aim at making things perfect for them to feel loved, comforted and taken care of. We try so hard to do this that we fail to see that life in all sense isn’t perfect. Things aren’t going to fall in place all the time, there will be disappointments, we will make mistakes, we will have to face the consequences of our actions and decisions and we definitely will have to deal with losses, big or small.
As such, we need to let them experience all these and allow them rise above it all. We need to stop coddling them and always be their cushion. We need to equip our children with skills that will help them deal with unpleasant situations and occurrences in life which is almost a guarantee.

So, what do you think of the quote above? I would love to hear some of your opinions.

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