MH 370

A needle in a haystack. That’s what MH 370 is in the world now. In this age where technology is at its best or rather claims to be, we have lost an entire aeroplane for 13 days now and counting. My heart goes out to all the passengers and crew in that flight and even more to the families and relatives of them who are waiting endlessly for some sort of closure to this mishap.  It is really beguiling as to where that plane is and even more astonishing that so far no available resource on this planet is able to detect it. It really makes me think twice about whether it is actually safe to travel anywhere now or the possibility of being found if you are lost somewhere in this world, even in this seemingly forward 21st century.

I’ve read the story of Gemma Sheridan who was lost at sea during one of her trips with friends due to a storm until she woke up to find herself stranded in a deserted island. You can read her story here. She was left to fend for herself for a few years until she was found only a few years later. This happened in 2007, as the article claims, but there are also stories about this article being a hoax. But is this impossible?
Like in the case of the missing MH 370, having all the technology in this world does not make us invincible. We are always at the mercy of a higher being and in the face of tragedy, all we can do and should continue doing is get together and hold each other’s hands and pray for strength to overcome it. Let’s all continue to do that and in the case of the missing MH 370, we hope some light will finally be shed on its disappearance.
MH 370
MH 370 found in the Indian Ocean
Passengers of MH 370
Pilots of MH 370
More theories of the missing flight here:

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