Life as we know it, eventually

I have been watching quite a number of TED videos and the latest one is on happiness. What makes us happy? or How do we be happy? It talks a lot about human experiences and life in general, that is, it can pretty suck at times. So some of us go through life thinking that it will be a bed of roses and if it is not, we take it personally that life has something against us, definitely. Truth is, even in the most enchanting lives of others that you see, thanks to social media platforms, there are many ‘behind the scenes’ that you don’t. And these could actually be pretty discomforting and ugly. So what do people do? They ‘up-play’ the positive that they have and accept the ‘ugly’ things that happen to them as part of life or is it the opposite? Either ways, we must go on. This is the point.

Being able to weather the ‘negative’ aspects of life – disappointments, let-downs, failure etc etc, is truly a skill we need to cultivate. More often than not, it is just life’s way of throwing us a wild card so that we can rise above it. Nobody said life is going to be easy and no, we shouldn’t take it personally either if it’s not, well at most times. We need to know that our situation can change and will change. And that largely depends on how we look at it.

Here‘s a good read on where life will take us. And heres the link to the Ted video by Dan Gilbert on the science of happiness. I especially love his analogy on being around a guy who picks his nose when you’re dating or when you’re married!

And here’s how I am trying to live mine..

I hope this helps with the Monday blues, if you’re having one, and if not, I think you are doing just fine!

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