Confession: I never comb my hair

Do you own a comb or a hairbrush? For the life of me, I realized that I’ve never needed one for as long as I can remember so I don’t own one. I just do not like the feel of it. In fact, whenever I visit the hairdresser should a comb or hairbrush as much as grazes my scalp, I’m thinking of dashing out of my seat! Why? I’ll get to that but I can understand why, whenever someone asks me if I have a comb or a hairbrush, my nonchalant no doesn’t go down too well with them.

I mean why wouldn’t someone brush their hair right? We were taught since young that combing or brushing our hair a hundred times each night before going to bed will give us lustrous shiny locks, no? Well Rapunzel and Cinderella had them! (More on the ‘fairytales’ we girls grew up reading and HOW they can ruin our lives in a later post I promise…)

Well, if there is any truth in that, after a hundred strokes, my hair would like this

But no, it was not meant to be. This is how it would like. Nice?

You wouldn’t think I’m too crazy for wanting to dash out of my seat now would you?! Oh well.

For natural remedies to beat the frizz (thanks to 80-90% humidity), see here.

For hair to die for, see this. And I’d really like to try this colour next.

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