Fairytales and other fractured life tales

When I was in teacher training school, the focus at that time was very much on fractured fairy tales. If you haven’t heard, these stories are parodies of the usual fairytales we knew by heart. The purpose of my article today is not about these parodies but instead how they can actually fracture our own lives and of course ‘they’ means the original fairy tales.

You see, since young we have been exposed to knights in shining armour, rescuing us from our daily misery and magically transforming them overnight to happily ever after.
Read: Cinderella. What about Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? All about the guy coming into our lives and solving all our problems. Tell me this is not true?!

Is there truly a happy ever after? After one failed marriage and working really hard to keep my current one alive, I’d like to say NAHH!

I think what we don’t realize is that happily ever after requires work. HARD WORK. It takes elaborate planning, juggling, scheduling, prioritising, plan B-ings, reminding, recalling, re-scheduling, re-planning and sweating (how can you not by now!) to make things work. It is the consistency of all of the above on replay mode for as long as you are together. Add a child or children in the picture, you can understand why there are findings stating 50% of marriages end up in divorce. So there goes your happily ever after down the drain!

So what’s the deal with happily ever after? Allow me to share with you through experience. It boils down to these: accepting, forgiving, forgetting,remembering, upgrading, rebooting and reshuffling. These are my ingredients for my own happily ever after. And I’m still fine-tuning. What’s yours?

Here‘s another perspective at today’s fairy tale princesses. This is not to scare you, my single friends, but to tell you well in advance, that we have in us to see to the bottom of our marriage and that we deserve a happy ending. And this is what requires our blood, sweat and tears. The result is worth more than any glass slipper you can find!

Some fractured fairy tales titles:

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

Seriously, Cinderella is So Annoying

Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs

Jack & The Beanstalk

The Very Ugly Duckling

Enjoy dear readers, and remember not to take things too hard!

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