Throwback Tuesday: Blk 179 Toa Payoh Central

I came across a picture of my old estate on the internet and not only that, it spoke of the very block I lived in for many, many years. It also tells us the history of how the block came about. You can read it here. A rather unique beginning I suppose and to think from that spawned many tales that made up most of my childhood and growing up years. I was born in the estate and lived in the centre of it for the first 23 years of my life and the sight of it, till now, brings back memories and familiarity second to none. It feels like home. I am sure my siblings will still vouch for that!

And the view we had was really something else. In Singapore during the 70s and early 80s to have a view like this in front of your flat is unusual in fact, even a privilege. And every night, we were treated to the fountain’s water dance complete with coloured lights! I wish there was a video of that somewhere so I could share it with you.

We lived on the 2nd floor facing the fountain, to the left of is the Toa Payoh Library and right opposite, a cinema, the Kong Chian Theatre. I lived there from 1978-2001. 

That library was where I whiled my afternoons away, reading book after book, busying myself with the audio visual equipment, (read: VCR, TDK cassette tapes on loaned walkmans), waiting for Sharity Elephant and Friends to show up and the story-telling time. It was marvellous! It kept me occupied for many years. And so did exploring some of the places below:
Toa Payoh Garden for late afternoon walks and fish feeding!
Toa Payoh Swimming Complex for a splashing good time

So is there any place in Singapore that feels more like home than any other to you? Share with me here! 


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