Gorgeous Giveaways!

I just remembered that I received a gorgeous bag of giveaway, courtesy of the company my sister is working for. It’s those kinds of gifts that makes you pop your eyes! It’s a bag of skincare products from La Mer.┬áIt is made of sea kelp to help restore your skin to deliver a clearer and more pure, hydrated and luminous appearance. And, it costs over SGD500 a tub! I was so ecstatic to receive it for free and am keeping it as a prized possession. Love the green pouch!

















The moisturiser feels so silky soft and it just disappears into your skin when you rub it in. Especially the face cream, the “Creme de la Mer, coveted by those in the know!” I am absolutely in love with the moisturisers. Thank you to my sister, Nurul :)


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