Re-visiting Singapore

Singapore has a few places of interests that never fail to charm. One of my favourite place to spend the late afternoon is by the bay at the Esplanade. Although it is rather new, the fact that the facade shares the same view (more or less) with one that you would have seen 30 years ago really can make one feel nostalgic. The view of the original merlion is engaging, till now! That is, if you were here long enough, and yes I was :)

We were at the Mosaic Music Festival sometime ago and it was a splendid evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the performances by local bands and singers. And there were some pretty light ups all along the walkway.

View of Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade Theatres

Us just goofing around by the waters of the bay.

Spectacular view of the skyline, looking towards the Fullerton Hotel. Mr Merlion was under construction.

I was excited to see these figurines. They were really enchanting. We are definitely looking forward to the next music festival by the bay.

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