Mama, kiss my body.

If kids don’t say the darndest things, who will right?! I guess we usually let them get away with it because we know it won’t last. And as strange as it may sound, we know we might miss it one day when they cross over another one of their milestones.

Little Man has this thing where he will say the above to me. Or his papa. We were quite taken aback when he first asked this but found it weirdly hilarious! I mean, who says that right?! Kiss my body. But, we will kiss any part of his body multiple times anyways whenever he says that, just for being that cute and earnest!

However, lately, he seems to have forgotten all about having his body kissed. So we remind him. Every morning, either the Monsieur or I will ask for a kiss on our body. And this sweet Little Man obliges, and every time too :)

This is him showing how it is supposed to be done:

And if you’re wondering if that’s a tattoo, it is!

It’s Nemo! Ok, its NOT Nemo but he calls it so. He got this from the last birthday party we attended. So what darn things do your kids say? Share with me and we can exchange more here!

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