As it happened, last weekend was quite eventful in our household. I had to spend most of Saturday working and we tried to make the most of our Sunday. We headed out early for brunch and somehow we ended up in the hospital’s emergency room for a couple of hours! The Monsieur did not feel too good. It was ironic to see him on the hospital bed when I always thought it would be me first, what with my frequent gastric aches and pains. He had to stay in the hospital for 12 hours for tests and diagnoses!

So, while I tried to keep life back home as normal as possible i.e bringing Little Man home, fed him dinner, changing and putting him to sleep, I found myself grappling with gastric attacks! However, I managed to overcome that with some pills and got some sleep finally.

The next morning, I got up and found the Monsieur sleeping beside me. As it was a working day, I had to get to the office pronto. But somehow, throughout the day I actually found it difficult to focus on anything. By 5pm, I got worse. My hands started to feel clammy and my mouth was tingling. I was losing my vision and my head felt light. It was time to go!

So I left the office and tried to drive my car to the A&E at SGH, it was the nearest. And I thought I could make it. For the life of me, I just could not understand why I decided to drive the car when my blood pressure was really playing roulette on me! Oh dear! I was fine all the way until I reached the turn into the hospital drive. I had to stop the car by the kerb, opposite the hospital, while I waited for the Monsieur to arrive. It took almost an hour, with the after hours traffic and heavy rain. By then I was completely exhausted and had to be wheel-chaired into the hospital.

Anemia-low blood pressure-vertigo-gastro attacks. 5 whole days of rest. That explains why I haven’t written for the last couple of days. I feel like a vegetable, and a not so organic one!


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