Where is my 40 winks?

If I could tell you how much sleep deprived I am, I can probably put you to sleep. But alas, this still doesn’t solve my problem. Sometimes I am so tired all I wanna do is lie down in bed and instantly fall asleep. However, that is even rarer than the precious of stones. And naps in daytime? Even rarer still.

I still do not know how I have been functioning with these sleep deprivation. Usually, my mind is racing til the wee hours of the night and by the next morning, I am a wreck. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, not that I ever want to experience that physically! Adding the fact that I am not even able to take naps in the day makes it even harder for my body to recharge.
Nevertheless, there are days when I wake up feeling rejuvenated and totally energized. So I begin to list down ways that helped me achieve that. And I am sad to find out that I:
1. sleep better when Little Man is not in the room or in the house altogether ( I feel like such a bad mummy :(  )
2. sleep better at a room temperature of 23 degrees celcius
3. sleep better with soft comfy pillows and a fluffy comforter
4. sleep better with windows shut ( to keep sudden jarring noise)
5. sleep better with a little night light that masks the lights coming from outside, if any.
5. sleep better when there is a little white noise like a fan or the air conditioning (consistency)
6. I sleep best alone
The Monsieur is the complete opposite. He is the kind that likes to sleep in 28 degrees’ humidity with the windows wide open! As we live on the ground floor behind a forest, that is a definite no-go for me! I’m not risking creepy crawlies or worse in my face in the middle of the night.
So I think we both have been alternating between giving each of us a better night’s sleep. And also I think this lack of good sleep is what caused us both to end up in ER last week.
You know what this means? We both need our own room.
Is this too much to ask for? Especially when you are married! I’m a little iffy on this but what do you think?
Meanwhile, I dream of a decent good night’s rest. Till then, this is roughly how I feel.

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