We have moved!

We finally have our own place! After 4-5 years of renting apartments, it feels real grown-up to have a home you can call your own. I am still adjusting to this actually and it feels kinda weird at the moment.

We got keys to our new flat sometime at the end of April and within 2-3 weeks of finalising design, renovations began and before we even knew it, we moved in lock, stock and barrel!

Within the first 2 days of moving in , we got plenty of visitors! And, I mean plenty! Well, what would you do without family eh?! Although I must say I was pretty stunned by their warmth and felt so lost I didn’t manage to take any pictures at all :(

Here are some pictures of our renovation works after months of deciding on what to do with the apartment. In the end I must say that it is rather industrial and hobo chic what with the cement flooring, brick walls and peranakan tiles! Well yes, sometimes commitment to your own ideas (no matter how unusual) is a must!

We just crossed our fingers and hope it turns out well. So here goes for now….(i’ll load up more pictures in my next post)

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