What’s in a name?

Have you ever wondered what your name means? And more importantly, how it becomes you! I mean when you call someone something long enough, it becomes theirs or part of them. I mean can you imagine being called something else? Hmmm….. strange isn’t it?

For me, it usually denotes something that is of gold. Golden. In what sense I always wonder? I am expensive? Or solid? Or of value? I’d prefer, for now, to have a little bit of the Midas touch if you know what i mean ;) But, always what I’ve noticed, contrary to my preference of white gold or silver, gold really looks amazing on me or is it the other way?! Ok, we make each other look good, lol!

I came across this Kabalarian philosophy of analyzing names and it’s amazing as I’d say it is 80% accurate. You can find it here. Try it, it is enlightening to know a little bit more about yourself.

As for me, I spent a little of this afternoon doing therapy. It was totally unintentional. I came across this little ring with the anchor motif and I couldn’t take my eyes off it which means I’m leaving with it! ( for anyone of you who has experienced this out of body/mind thing, you’ll know what I’m talking about!) And yes, it is in gold and when I put it on my finger, I felt lighted up!

So there, golden and anchored. This is me.

So here’s wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the afternoon and evening!


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