Patience, do we have enough of it?

Well, do you? It struck me real bad that I don’t. I don’t even have the patience to wait for the lift to come get me and Little Man on our way to school earlier this morning. As usual we were running behind time. As we arrived at the lift, I looked at the LED display and it read “15”. We live on the second so my first instinct was to dash for the stairs. But I was held back by a tiny voice that said:
“Be patient, Mama” and it came complete with a nod, reassuring me that the lift will arrive shortly.
And it sure did. Just how long does the lift take to travel 13 floors down? Let me tell you, it is 15 seconds. I timed it. Even then I couldn’t wait. It felt like it was the longest 15 seconds of my life. As to why this is the case, I have no idea. All I know is that it gets me into a bad mood. Waiting.

Rush, rush, rush! “Hurry, hurry or we’ll be late!!!” This is my mantra every morning that even I am getting sick of hearing myself repeat it. I can’t even imagine what Little Man might be feeling. Every time I say it, I am just muttering under my breath what is it that this little guy doesn’t get? What is the importance of staring at a millipede making its way to wherever it is going when we are late? Why does he need to stall for a few seconds behind me when we are walking to the carpark when we are already late? Doesn’t he know that school starts in 10 minutes?? Why can’t he hurry just a little bit?? Doesn’t he know that we are already late???

As some of you might already know, getting a 4 year old ready for school that starts at 8 in the morning is hard. To expect them to understand the concept of ‘hurry or we’ll be late!’ is even harder. Thing is, we have been running on this schedule for almost 2 months now. And this morning before getting ready for school, Little Man came into the bedroom to snuggle with me. While I was about to ruin the moment with “hurry or we’ll be late” mantra, little dearest looked up at me and asked: “What is late, Mama?” Tick tock tick tock…..

OMG, it was the hardest question  I had to answer  while figuring out how I am going to get this guy out of bed and dress him at the same time. I can only pray for the patience to bear with. I am still learning how to be patient. And I hope Little Man will be patient with me too.

Here‘s an interesting article on the same topic. I hope it enlightens you as much as it did for me.

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