Men: Do you want me to get you some flowers?

When it comes to men and flowers, I think they fall under one of these 3 categories. So for many of you guys who are reading my blog ( good on ya!!!) this is like a major waker – upper!

1: I once dated a guy who actually asked me this question. I mean, dude, if you wanna get a girl some flowers, you GET a girl some flowers. Please don’t ask her.  Just send it. That’s how flowers work!
(By the way, I said no albeit reluctantly)

We don’t want you to ask us, we just want you to buy the flowers without us knowing and present it! This makes us feel appreciated, wonderful, loved, thought of and just that zest that we need to jazz the relationship up! It’s easy, no?! We love guys like this. They make us swoon!

2: He’s always sending me flowers! It’s boring! Birthday – flowers! Anniversary – flowers! Propose – flowers!

Ok we get the drift, space it out guys!  Just because we like flowers doesn’t mean we want them every single time. We like surprises as much as we like flowers too! Go figure!

(Part 1 and 2 of the post is written for the benefit of my single girlfriends)

3: Ok, I’m sorry darling. I knowI screwed up, I’ll get you some flowers!!

Don’t we love dudes like this even more??  Most of us are married to them!

(Part 3 applies to my married girlfriends,  myself included, HAHAHA!)

It seems appalling how something so beautiful like a bouquet of your favourite flowers seems to be associated with ill feelings of anguish and hurt or whatever it was that put you in that spot in the first place. Then the realization hits you like dump truck that the only way for you to get flowers from this guy is when he screws up!

Well ok, to be fair, some guys see flowers like something you do when you are pursuing a girl. After you get her, (read: married, live-in etc) it might seem a bit pointless and they wilt right?! So they’ll suggest to get you a blender, a handheld vacuum cleaner, electronic toothbrush ok I digress….But point is, we realize men usually need a reason to get you something. Most men won’t do a just-because just because! So what they’ll do is upset you, ruffle you up and then apologize and promise to buy you some flowers to make up for it! Ta-daaaa!

I suppose that’s how they keep the flowers coming and if you’re married to a guy in category 3, be rest assured, the flowers will keep coming ;)

Note: Just you need to remind them to better get your favourite ones while they are at it!

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2 replies on “Men: Do you want me to get you some flowers?”

Hey thanks for using my article in Elite Daily as reference. :)) I enjoyed reading your post. ;)

Yeah, I’d say no if I was asked if I want flowers too.
It’s like the question: Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

:)) Things like that are not asked. It’s a can-you question! :))

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