Saying goodbye is hard

I envy people who are not attached to their belongings. Well, I think it depends on the actual thing. I’m sure we all are attached to our phones! What about watches? Furniture? Favorite pair of jeans??
What about your car? Hmmm… talking about that, we don’t have one anymore. I was definitely attached to my car and it would be devastating to let it go. Well, it’s been part of my life for 10 years! How do you let go of something just like that after 10 years.? My car and I, we’re like a love story that was about to end. Oh dear… how it crushed me!

The Monsieur, as usual, thought I was being overly dramatic and laughed it off! Sighh….men!

Well the reason behind my melancholy was primarily due to the fact that the car was very very personal for me. We shared a lot of stories together. We went places together. We had our moments of delight and disappointments together. We had many experiences together. I was cruising some of the best moments of my life in that car and sometimes, the worst too. It had been there with me. So to see it go was tough.

Of course on the day I sent it to the scrap yard I had to have my ammo with me. Little Man. This little fella, like me, has grown attached to this vehicle too. He was the first to protest when we told him it had to go. Well, why shouldn’t he be? It was the first ride of his life. From the moment he could speak, he had referred to it as ” my green car”! How cute is his sense of ownership at 2 years of age!

Well you know, it has been a few months now without the car and life is pretty much the same (as we have a back-up one, thanks to my sister NJ!) This wouldn’t be for long but it would do as a transition to being completely car-less! (Reminder to self: Be green, be green, be green!)

Here are some pictures of us and our last moments with the trusted old Chevy (although the Monsieur would completely disagree, HAHA! He said it was a money-bleeding agent!)

Adieu old friend…
Sob Sob!
Bon Voyage!
We will miss you, dents and all!

For the benefit of my foreign readers, the cost of hire-purchasing a car in Singapore is ridiculously high. Notice it is termed as hire-purchased which means you don’t really own it. And it is definitely not yours after you are done paying for it! The COE (certificate of entitlement, gasp!) can cost as much as the car itself. At the moment it stands at $60,000 more or less. Unless you’ve got money to burn, it doesn’t make any financial sense to have one. So that’s the long and short of it!

Well the public transport system in Singapore is reliable and service is efficient (most times!) but my only grouse is not wanting to end up like this while waiting for the bus:

It ain’t funny and definitely not cool!

To see how ridiculous the COE prices are, you can go here.

If you are thinking of leasing a car, click here to find useful information.


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