Sunday bakes and such!

Hello! What were you up to over the weekend? We finally had time to take it easy. Little Man was having the sniffles and with the slight haze, we thought it was best to stay indoors. The morning was great with the lazing and lounging around the house in our pajamas. Come afternoon, I knew it was time to do something, just something to keep the rhythm going. So we decided to bake cookies. Little Man was psyched to help with the cookie cutters we bought last week.
Here are some pictures from our Sunday bakes:
Introducing the chefs and some missing ingredients
Roll it up…
…roll it down and roll it all around!
Cut-out cookie expert at work
Et voila!!
Into the oven they go….
Stars and a bear in a party hat! He’s really rocking the m&m button ;)
When all is going well, you call the rest of the crew in to repeat the steps!
For more info on how to make your own Perfect Everytime Cut-Out Cookie, click here.

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