Coffee table, coffee table, where art thou?

Moving in to a new place is a relatively short process. To decorate, however, is not. Honestly, our apartment is far from how we’d imagined it to be. It has been 3 months since we moved in and we are still missing a few furniture pieces (the ones I really want!) or rather we have too many that need to go to make space for the coveted ones!

We somehow thought our apartment would be something industrial looking. I suppose we only managed three features to basically make the cut : cement screed flooring, brick wall and exposed steel pipes.

Can you spot ’em steel pipe?

Our reliable balinese day bed, the round wicker laze, the oriental room divider unfortunately do not.
Industrial apartment with balinese and oriental furniture? Wait, if that’s not rojak enough, we have actually thrown in something Scandinavian as well! We bought a TV console out of necessity and thought we would return it later for something far more industrialised but somehow it was way too happy to stick around with the others! See?

A little shy our Scandinavian friend, a real keeper. Daybed, your days are numbered.

Which gets me to the next point that we still need a coffee table to join this eclectic crowd. It is an urgency as sitting for long periods of time contemplating ideas for my blog has required me to stretch my legs sometimes. And I have no coffee table to rest them on.  Yes, this is why I need one.
(on a side note: with the amount of sitting I do, my coffee can start to rest on my tummy, ooops! )

If you do have any idea where we can get a pretty coffee table to go more with the first picture, do let me know, thanks!

And, if you like our tv console, try checking out Second Charm. The owner of this boutique factory is a kind,vivacious lady who can custom make your dream piece. She has been in the business of revamping furniture for more than 15 years.

p.s : those two little brats are pretending to be our coffee table and I’ve had enough of them making mischief in our apartment, spillage and the round one always folding in two off and can’t get its act together!

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