Best. Shoes. Ever.

For someone who really loves shoes, I have stopped buying them as I frequently do. This is because I have learnt that the only kind that works for me are leather ones. And yes, they cost quite a bit. (which makes me shop less and this is a good thing!) However, in time you will find that they actually are worth investing in. They get softer with usage and are an absolute pamper for your feet. My father could have told me that but nope I needed pain to teach me! Oh well!

My first pair is actually a two-toned one made of lamb leather. They are to die for because every time I put them on, my feet are in heaven. Shoe heaven. I get this luxurious buttery feel all over my feet, it’s nothing like I ever felt before. So as you can imagine, it became my every-day shoe. I wore them everywhere I went! Rainy days, sunny days, to the market, to outings, on holidays, EVERYWHERE!
Love these beauties!

And after a year, I invested in another. These are actually calf leather and the design is way out of my taste but somehow they remind me of shoes from The Elves and The Shoemaker! Totally cool! I gotta have them. It’s so amazing to feel so good in something as common as a pair of shoes! Just make it leather though as how they should be :)

Love those thread works!
A scene from the Elves and the Shoemaker that might jolt a cherished memory from your childhood:
Remember these 2??

P.s: By the way, I can thank my father for my leather shoes obsession now! More about that later.

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