Sleepless nights

Hello!! I hope the last long weekend was rejuvenating for everyone. To be honest, we needed a break anyways. Little Man actually has been unwell for at least a week prior to the holidays. He has been away from school for that long too. He has a temperature that fluctuates in the day and goes terribly high in the evenings.  Every night, he would wake up every hour on the hour and start screaming. He was delirious. And this went on for 8-10 days. He was completely tired out and we were exhausted. Neither of us got any good sleep and despite treatments from a GP, he never got any better even after a few days.

We drove him to the hospital’s ER and they sent us home with bottles of drugs enough to drown you. Little Man took the meds till he was swollen in the face and in fact, he got worse. A day after his neck started to swell. Oh well!! That’s what you get for sending your kid to a slaughterhouse !
( I just had a bad feeling when I was in the ER coz the doctors looked so young and inexperienced. They always give me the feeling that they don’t really know what they are doing!)

We decided we needed a more experienced doctor who can actually help him. We went back to the same hospital but this time to the private clinic. The doctor was poised, calm and did her checks on Little Man. Standard procedure. It didn’t take too long. After that, she sanitised her hands in the sink, (yes, I watching her!) turned to us, and announced that Little Man has glandular fever, and with a curtsy no less! (haha, so cute! )But waaat? I’ve never even heard of this virus up til now!

 Its a tricky virus that leaves you with fever for 2-3weeks in the least with no cure. You need to wait till it leaves you! Great isn’t it?! And, this malicious thing can also attack your throat. Which was why Little Man was screaming every single night while he was asleep. It was unimaginably sore and I just can’t believe how THIS escaped 2 doctors who supposedly treated him! PFFFT!!! But, a big thank you to Dr Barathi Rajendra for finally enlightening us of the situation after 10 days of sleepless nights!
(By the way, I really think hospitals should cease sending their interns/trainees/ junior doctors to real patients in the ER! We want our kids to get well, PLEASE!)

So on Dr Barathi’s advice, we admitted Little Man to the hospital ward and hope for an end to this madness. For him and for us. Here he is lounging in his recliner bed in full control of its electronics. He seems content despite his suffering!

Get well soon mon petit cheri!

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