Our world of digital insanity

Have you seen this video that talks about the technologically insane world we live in? You can watch it below. It just is so true how everyone is totally stuck on their gadgets. It makes me melodramatic even though I know I’m guilty of it at times. Makes me miss those days when making appointments with a friend at a certain time means just that! Ohh… the things we resort to, to be precise were quite cutting edge. Do you remember any of these: Meet me at the mrt station’s pay phone booths? See you at the platform of ┬áthe last carriage of the north, south, east or west bound train at certain times. Or, the ever reliable if I’m not there by fifteen minutes, you can leave? Not that it ever happens as people seem to value time, words and friendship even more then. It’s just so sad that with this technology, we are all losing the real essence of living our lives. It makes us lazy and we know it and we let it! Sad isn’t it?

The days prior to mobile and smartphones. How did we really live those years? Maybe it’s time we remember how and re-live it again. We are sometimes one bar closer to humanity anyways.


If you like Prince Ea and his message, you can download the video for only USD1 here. And, if you have a working phone, call your friend up sometimes. Trust me, try it. You will feel the true meaning of life talking to someone with a voice you can actually hear :)

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