and we are discharged!

Yipeeee!! Finally, we are able to leave! It’s amazing this hospital care. I swear Little Man was just on paracatemol and some saline drops, nothing else! Nothing like $3,000 to solve your sickness, heh?!

But look at these pictures for yourself:

on admission day
crankiness personified!

Just two days after:

Well…what did I tell ya?!
my little bundle of sunshine of ward 75!

Coincidentally, this was also the hospital he was born in. It was such an amazing experience back in 2010 when we were there and now, it is the same wonderful experience all over again! Thank you to the nurses and doctors of ward 75 for treating us! Way to go KK Hospital !

Has any of you been to the KK for any type of treatment. For me, it has always been the best of care, no complaints! What about you? Do share your stories here with me! In the meantime, let’s all hydrate well, what with the heat and the haze.

Take care, readers!

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