Well, hello there Mr Darcy!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve switched on the telly and have Bridget Jones come on just this past 5 days. HBO is marvellous. There is nothing we like more than paying good money for movies that we have watched only 10,000 times. Thank you HBO! Well anyways, I sat through one on Saturday ( I can’t help it!) and had a jolly good time! There is just something about watching movies that’s covered in snow, silly sweaters and mugs of hot chocolate! It almost feels like a holiday! And Bridget Jones still makes me laugh with all her antics.

The scene that got me hooked :

And of course, there’s Mark Darcy! Ay, ay ay!!
Below is one of my favourite part of the movie where she “Oy-ed” to the audience thinking the mic was broken. It was superb! Poor girl, hahaha!

Well, hope you enjoyed your weekend, I know I have Bridget Jones to thank!
More holiday feel-y movies if you are in the mood:

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