Creamy Farfalle with Tiger Prawns

I made these creamy based pasta in under 5 minutes if you are interested for no-fuss quick meals, wholesome for the whole family.

Honestly, this recipe is accidental. I like to experiment in the kitchen, usually starting without any real goal. So I boiled some pretty farfalle with some olive oil and salt and toss them dry.  Love how these bow pastas look. Next, some chopped garlic and onions in the pan. I sauteed them while getting the Monsieur to help me open a bottle of tomato and basil sauce. The garlic and onions turned brown rather quickly. So I put in a dash of the sauce just enough to cover the pan, Next, the prawns went in. I added some italian herbs and a dash of sea salt and course black pepper. Some fresh milk to give it an orange tinge. Then the pasta. And more italian herbs and mix them well. Then toss in some grated parmesan cheese on top.
We were (bow)led over.
What you will need if you wanna try this recipe:
Some pasta (of your choice)
Tomato and Basil sauce (I got mine from Prego’s)
Sea Salt & Course black pepper
Tiger prawns
Grated parmesan cheese
Good luck!

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