Sweater? Yes, THAT I am!

Look, it’s the fall collection!!! Ohh WOWWOW!!! How gorgeous are those sweaters? Wool, linen, cashmere!! Yes, that’s exactly what we need in Singapore.To keep warm.

OK, perhaps top fashion labels are betting on the season to boost their sales. They were inspired by nature and the lovely change of weather and cool temperatures. All well and good. BUT, to bring in these  pretty sweaters into Singapore is just plain uncool! It’s too hot to even do nothing here. You sweat just sitting down in your living room. My favourite part of the afternoon is when I start to feel the heat prickling the back of my neck while just sitting on the sofa.

But why are the fashion labels here so full of contempt for us folks living on the equator line? They boast their fall collection ( like it has any real meaning to us, right?!) year in year out without the slightest consideration of our temperatures! Hello!!!! Over here, you are either wet with sweat or wet from rain. There is no in between OK?!

And, don’t tell me you haven’t walked down Orchard Road and be tempted to at least try one of them?But? why? would? you? need? one? in? this? blistering? heat? Still, the dilemma of owning a chic cashmere, knitted, woollen sweater against not having any real need for it is astounding! It led me to a debate with myself.  It went on something like this:

Me: It’s so cool and pretty!
Common sense: No, you won’t need it.
Me: But, c’mon it is fall season, everywhere!
CS: Yes, but not where you live!
Me: C’mon get it!
CS: Nope!

It would have been easy but I think Common Sense forgot that I hold the purse strings, so Me won. Plus it looked quite cool when I was trying it on in the fitting room. So snug and comfy! (Alas, it didn’t occur to me the AC was blasting at -10 degrees celcius!)

So I was happy and smug about my cool purchase. But, the moment I stepped out of the shop, the reality slapped me on the face for even daring to forget it. Sweater? You don’t need one, in fact you already are!!

So I guess it will be hanging in my closet, just looking pretty (useless!)

















The new black…yes if you hang outdoors long enough in Singapore you might be just that! What about you? Have you bought anything just because it looks pretty? I’d love to hear what those things are!

And here are a few fashion items that made me laugh:

What about this?

Well, that’s it folks! Hope this little post puts a smile on your face and gives the Monday blues a little chase!
You can find the above items here.

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