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Do you know your ancestral lineage?

Have you ever wondered why or how you ended up looking the way you do? It’s easy to attribute it to your parents and grandparents and respective genetic mix. However, there are certain exceptions when the genes decide to skip a generation ( a generation you never knew personally) and leave you in wonder as to why you are a little different from the rest of the pack. To be honest, I have always wondered why I am the tallest amongst my sisters and interestingly, it is by a long shot! I have always been bigger than them. The Monsieur has always maintained that he has roots in Eastern Europe and perhaps even the Middle East! So we decided to test it out.

National Geographic has commissioned a Genographic Project to analyse your DNA simply by a swab of your saliva! Our specimen: Little Man. We are curious to know his genetic make-up since he was born. With an asian mama and french papa, it is interesting to see the blend of his gene pool. As for me, I am amazed at how black his eyes are for a mixed baby as the Monsieur is blue-eyed!

And the result is interesting considering that his papa is Caucasian French and mama is mostly of Southern Indian descent:

Little Man is largely categorized as a Southwest Asian and the rest of his make-up is as follows with a strong population reference to that of a Bulgarian and a Northern Indian. Hmmm…..

As for being 2.3% a Neanderthal, I was taken aback and refused to believe it, haha! However, sometimes when I come across his self-made videos on my phone, I suppose I have to admit it.

Oh Little Man, you will always have my heart, Neanderthal or not, and I love you to bits you black-eyed little monster!
P.S I still don’t know why I’m the tallest amongst my sister!
And you, are you different from the rest of your siblings? I’d love to hear all about it.

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