When less is more

Since moving into our apartment, I have make it a point to live a clutter-free way. This usually means finding a home for every single object. The thing about clutter is that although small, it has the potential to grow and grow until it consumes you. And I mean it!

In the kitchen for example, they usually come disguised as food take away containers, glass jars and bottles, free gift glasses so on and so forth. The latest dilemma was a small nutella jar that comes complete with a cap. Sure, it makes a good water glass or for storage of desserts you thought you’d make and soon, you will have more jars than you know what to do with them! Then you will start looking for people to handover them to since you will feel too guilty to trash “useful” things. You will call them, ask them if they want those glasses in your most convincing up-sell tone, pack them in newspapers and keep them aside until collected. It’s just too much work!

And, my biggest pet peeve is seeing things wrapped in a plastic bag hiding somewhere in my flat. It throws me off balance! I can’t stand it that it has to go immediately!  Like now!

 So my simple solution is this: throw it away! Don’t even entertain the idea of keeping one as THAT will grow. And anyways, we all have enough water glasses and containers to begin with! Don’t need more, even just one. The only thing I have to do now is: make my helper understand this. I sometimes find things she keeps in my kitchen cabinet and drawers on the sly even after repeating that I just don’t need it. Ditto the stashed plastic bags. Oh dear.

And a visual that usually motivates me:

I wish my kitchen was more open like this! No more hidden agenda(s).

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