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Well what do you know? It has been 6 months since we moved in and the walls where we want to hang art is still empty. In fact, we haven’t really decided which wall is to be or what type of art to choose. The Monsieur has taken the path of less resistance. He has left it to me. So, I have a rather vague idea for the space above the television but am indecisive which art to go with. I have shortlisted 2:

Option A



Option B:


The first one is Composition I by Australian design house, Inaluxe. And the colourful zebra is from Cocktail Zoo on Etsy. Decisions, decisions!

What about you? How long did you take to put that final touch to your home? 3 months, 6 months (like us, yikes!) or is it still work in progress? I’d love to hear about your experiences in furnishing your space! For us, I think our style has really been giving the work in progress kinda vibe.

And you know I think the reason we have taken so long is because they say that your home is a reflection of you. So choosing something that defines who we are seems really daunting lest people think we are some sort of weirdos for putting up crazy pictures. But here’s some sort of explanation of why I’ve shortlisted these 2.

Option A: The interpretation of music. Those are actually vinyl records albeit the lopsided shapes but I think it’s actually kinda cool as we are always lounging around in our living room with some sort of music or other.

Option B: Colourful zebra in a snow globe. Well, I’d think that this is completely me! I love snow and i find snow globes enchanting. And zebras are usually black and white but this colourful ones show the many other sides of the zebra or someone for that matter. Being that colourful but trapped in a snowy, monochrome drudgery. Isn’t that beautiful? It explains many aspects of life, depending on how you see it. I love art interpretations!

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