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French Film Festival in Singapore!

Do you love foreign films? Growing up, I remember catching some of these movies on the now defunct Channel 12 , one of the channels on local TV. I think it was on every Thursday night or something. One weekly night, it was either German, Swedish, Iranian, French or Italian in the house. No one in my family understood why I needed to watch a movie in a language I don’t understand! Looking back, I think it was all for a reason for now I am sharing a life with a foreign man, hee!

The Film Festival turned out to be a surprise date-night for the Monsieur and I. We decided on 2 movies: Qu’est Qu’on a Fait Bon Dieu and Sous Les Jupes des Filles. The first one is about inter-faith marriages in a Catholic French family. At the mere mention of that, I knew this movie will be a riot! It’s the type of movie that makes you laugh every 3 minutes! I swear. The second one is about all French women and their idiosyncrasies.

‘Quelle horreur’, enough said! LOL!

Here are some pictures of usĀ at the red carpeted event at Alliance Francaise if you’d like to see:IMG_2018






Their fabulous giveaway ;)

What makes this event rather red carpet is you get to rub shoulders with the cast and directors/producers of the films! Very nice surprise at the end of your rendezvous I would say!


All movies part of the 4th Rendezvous with French Cinema and thank you Alliance Francaise de Singapour for the marvellous experience!



By Zaza

Hello and welcome to my blog! I was a teacher who was rather set in her ways. In 2009, I met and married a French man who has since made my world spin in another direction. Now, I am still a teacher who is learning every single day, wife to a funny man, mother to a sweet little boy and apparently a writer too! I have always wanted to write so I guess this blog is my big chance. I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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