Happy holidays and a wonderful 2015 everyone!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No matter how cliche it sounds, it really is true. Almost everyone is in a holiday cheer. Even work feels light and easy. I have friends who say they traipse to work every last week of December when usually their feet are heavy with lead! Hahaha, dear friends, what would you do without them?!

As for us, it has been a string of wonderful memories during this festive period. A x’mas eve dinner with some friends, an unexpected short trip to Kuala Lumpur and now we are anticipating our celebrations for the new year. We don’t yet know what we are doing but we hope it will be as surprising as the dinner we had and the short trip we took! Best things are indeed unplanned eh?!

With the impending 2015, I also hope we have managed to resolve our resolutions from say… 5 years ago? LOL! I am not one to have resolutions, I don’t know as it has never been my thing. The only thing I hope for in the coming new year is for peace in places there hasn’t been for a long time. And also kindness. We all really need that bit of kindness from everyone and believe it or not, everyone else needs it from us too. It really goes a long way and it’s really the first step to making anything worthwhile. To have peace in places we must have peace in our hearts first. It really just comes from our little deeds of kindness.

So be kind to your partner, your children, your parents, your siblings, your neighbours, your co-workers, the cashiers at the supermarket, the old ladies who clear your plates, especially yourself and basically everyone you come into contact with. I remind myself, too.

As we celebrate with our loved ones, do also remember the ones who are less fortunate. There are many as I write. I just really hope that these occurrences make us realize how precious our time here is and that we spend it making memories that count with our loved ones.

With that, my family and I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2015! Hugs and kisses!

IMG_2662Shades of Vanille will be back with more scoops January 5th 2015. Thank you to all readers who have been following us and we hope to engage more in the coming year! Lots of love!

By Zaza

Hello and welcome to my blog! I was a teacher who was rather set in her ways. In 2009, I met and married a French man who has since made my world spin in another direction. Now, I am still a teacher who is learning every single day, wife to a funny man, mother to a sweet little boy and apparently a writer too! I have always wanted to write so I guess this blog is my big chance. I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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