Have a delightful weekend, all!

IMG_3931What are you up to this weekend? We are planning to go to the Singaplural 2015 exhibition on Saturday. Seems like a nice way to spur on the creativity. And also with the one week March school holiday coming up, I do hope you have set aside some time to spend one-on-one with your kiddos! I’m sure mine is all geared up! Have a delightful weekend, everyone!

By Zaza

Hello and welcome to my blog! I was a teacher who was rather set in her ways. In 2009, I met and married a French man who has since made my world spin in another direction. Now, I am still a teacher who is learning every single day, wife to a funny man, mother to a sweet little boy and apparently a writer too! I have always wanted to write so I guess this blog is my big chance. I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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