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Differences between a mother’s and father’s time

I have been meaning to write about the striking difference between how mothers and fathers appropriate their time on childcare duties. Generally why do mothers have a heavier workload of child-care? This include the grinding tasks of showers in the mornings, breakfast, change, lunch, school, nap time, dinner and bedtime routines. What about school homework and projects? Other ad-hoc situations that require all your time in planning and supervision?

According to the American Time Use Survey—which asks thousands of Americans annually to chronicle how they spend their days—men and women now work roughly the same number of hours a week (though men work more paid hours, and women more unpaid). Given this balanced ledger, one might guess that all would finally be quiet on the domestic front—that women would finally have stopped wondering how they, rather than their husbands, got suckered into such a heavy load. But they haven’t. The question is: Why?

In this modern era where women and men are supposedly equal in their stance, why is the main care-giver mostly the mothers? And are we supposed to do this at a long stretch without rightful help? Are mothers supposed to put their lives on hold once we have children?  Is it a wonder we sometimes feel like tearing our hair out?

I came across an article that rightly explains the reasons. And even though we mothers are more often than not madly in love with our kids, we do need a break from them. And guess who should be holding the fort when mothers need a break? Fathers? Yes, spot on.

mumYou can read the article below:

Why Mom’s Time Is Different From Dad’s Time

Surveys find that men and women work roughly the same number of hours a week—yet they experience their time very differently

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