About me


Hello, I am Zareena and I am the writer and photographer picture-taker here at Shades of Vanille. I started this blog late in 2013 as I feel it’s enough time sitting on my will to become a writer, of some sort. Also, I have been taking pictures on my lovely iphone that I just feel the growing need to archive them somewhere. Since I find myself publishing them on social media platforms I figured why not on a blog but with a funny angle to it. I try. I love witty captions, humor, double meanings, double negatives that sometimes don’t make any sense! You can say that this blog is my labour of love to capture moments of my life that I share with

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paper and ink etc.. my other half, the Monsieur and our son, Little Man.

We currently reside in Singapore and although I’ve lived in this city all my life, living with a foreigner here is a game changer. It’s like seeing this city with ‘new’ eyes! Sometimes it makes me fall in love with it and some other times, not so much! Largely due to the heat. I sometimes day-dream of living in a place where I get to feel the seasons change which is very inspiring for me personally.

When I’m not writing on this blog, I work freelance as a private tutor and public speaking trainer to children in schools throughout Singapore. When I’m not doing that, I love spending time and chatting

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with my 4 year old son who fills my days with endless smiles and laughter. OK, sometimes cries, aches and pains, hurt and anger. You can’t escape that! Other than this, I spend it being myself, together with my other half, friends and family.

Life is to be celebrated!