Motherhood Relationships

Of a birthday and an anniversary

This weekend is pretty special as we are celebrating the birth of the newest member of the family! Congratulations to first-time parents of a certain wide-eyed little baby boy! It is a very special time indeed. Lots of cuddles and kisses to the baby and you guys can also kiss your sleep goodbye. Kidding! Not! Haha! OK, I wish you courage, the fierce kind, patience, saint-like and love, never-ending for your newly arrived bundle of joy and each other. It will be an adventure you will never forget!

A quote I find to be true:

  • Congratulations, your journey of discovery has begun. This baby will provide answers to questions you never thought to ask!

Taking about babies, don’t you just love the smell of newborns? I can’t really put my finger to it. It smells so familiar and yet there’s nothing quite like it! If you ask me, I’d say it’s the sweet musk of heaven and perhaps a little, vanilla? ;)

Happy Birthday Little Baby!

Also, both the Monsieur and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today! Yes, today 5 years ago in history, we tied the knot and began our journey together. It has been quite a ride to say the least and we are still at it!

Happy Anniversary Cheri, I love you. 5 years and counting!

Last but not least, a wonderful weekend to all!


I am drowning in TMI, help!

Have you ever checked your inbox and after 2 seconds of scrolling you logged out because you are terrified of what you see? I’ve had these moments, and often. Like my eyes are moving so quickly, I can’t even catch up with them. I feel like I’ve read so many things but yet nothing at all. I understood nothing of what I’m speed reading, nada! All these mailers, ads, info, how-to’s for your life and etc and etc, I’m not sure if they are really helping . Or healthy, for that matter. It’s like a buffet line, there is only so much you can eat even though your plate is piled really high.

Thing is I’ve changed my email address (twice! ) because the old one was terrorizing me and I couldn’t manage it. I don’t know how to undo all these emails I’m getting so I figured to make a clean exit is the way to go. But you know what? This new email is showing traits of following its predecessors. And now, I’m living in fear.

Product catalogues, vacation deals, Groupon,, migration possibilities and the list goes on. HELPPPP!!!!! Make them stop, please?  Ok, I need to unsubscribe. Thing is, I’m so bad at choosing which. It’s not so simple as it seems. It’s a trick and I’m in a sticky puddle of goo. It’s life-threatening for me. Ok, at least it feels that way and also, I’m running out of ideas for a new email address.

Another how-to to illustrate my predicament:

Ok readers, please send courage my way, and wish me luck!

some other interesting finds:

i’d love me to have this honey-dipper, and these wooden serving spoons

also, this spatula-lala!

what about these towels?

oooohh this cotton blanket 

and these dohars:summer blankets, perfect for Singapore!

OK, I’m too spent now to clear my inbox :(

Thank you for reading.


What do you speak?

My son has really progressed in his speech. Sometimes when I find myself grappling for words, he finishes off my sentence in one single accurate swoop which leaves me dumbfounded! Yes this is the same boy you saw getting in touch with his Neanderthal yesterways not so many days ago!

However, there are also moments when his papa and I wonder what he is on about. At home we speak a mix of French and English and the occasional Singlish thrown in. Why?! We are living in Singapore anyways :) and also, it can be fun to see him pepper his speech with the “lahs”. And, although it can get pretty confusing for a 4 year old to apply extensive syntax, I  have to admit that this is where the fun lies. For example, the French really like to end their sentences with “….., non?”
as an affirmation to their question. Little Man however is saying it the opposite way, “Mama, I have to shower now, yes?”

I especially love it when he is playing with the neighbour’s kid and I overhear him say this: “Ok, we take a pause? I’m tired already LAH!” Pause? Who says that?!! Hahahaha!

I end my post with this reminder that most of us speak a funny language too:

Hope you’ve had a good Tuesday!