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low console under window

Ok, I almost have these kinds of full windows so this might actually work for my flat. I just feel that this get up above is looking ever so chill. Perfect for reading the afternoon away with some scented candles. Also, it kinda challenges me to get rid of some furniture that’s currently in our way, in line with my desire to live with less. Decisions, decisions!

One of the best things about having lesser furniture is the even lesser need to clean and dust them :) What say you??

Our current just make it work look here.


How a fluffy duvet transforms your life

I have been getting this feeling that my sleep is being robbed of something. I am rested but somehow i remember having satisfying sleeps that just don’t occur anymore. And I miss that kind of sleep. You know what I mean? Like you open your eyes and you feel a smile spreading across your face because THAT was good! And the effects of rested sleep do wonders for you throughout your day. Read: cool and calm.

I have not been able to figure what it was until yesterday when I actually got a new duvet. We’ve had ours since we got married. Yes, it was expensive and we figured we needed to make it worth the expenditure. But, what we failed to realize is that, a duvet cover needs its fluff to do its stuff! Ours, although still functioning really well- it keeps you warm-has lost all its plump. That is why sleep has been so flat, well for me at least.


I love looking at the plumpness of this duvet. And what do you think of the prints? It’s totally mumsy and country that you’d think nightmares would occur if you sleep in it but NO. I had the best sleep I’ve had in let’s say the past year or so! Even the Monsieur was a little excited about the flowery prints as it reminds him of the french countryside which we will get to experience real soon! (more on that later)

While putting these two together, I was reminded of some arm muscles that I may have but have not used for sometime, LOL! And as usual, I wished for an easier way to dress my duvet cover. You can watch the video here:

Don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier! I usually try to attempt something like it halfway through my usual process, hee!


Home My Life, Objectified

My life objectified.

1. these orchids IMG_1671(for brightening up our master bathroom, so welcoming!)

2.  this starry cotton shirtIMG_1677(for keeping me cool in the heat)

3. this greeneryIMG_9827(for being just 30 seconds away  ;)