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What are you reading now?

difficult daughters

Don’t we all just love cuddling up with a good read? The way the story builds up that compels us to stay up longer than we should is simply exhilarating. This is what I’m reading now. Again :) And I remember feeling the same way as I did the first time I read it. Intelligent and sensational is how I would describe it. The emotions this author invokes is unmistakable. Manju Roy is indeed a story-teller. Her first book, Difficult Daughters was the number one best seller in India. She is a writer of 4 novels, of which I have all! The subsequent books were ‘A Married Woman‘, ‘Home’ and ‘The Immigrant’.¬†All were intriguing, I assure you.

What about you? Do you have a favourite author or book? I am looking forward to create a book club with some of you if you do have good reads to share. Please feel free to suggest your recommendations. It is well appreciated :)

Home Less is More

Make-believe make over

low console under window

Ok, I almost have these kinds of full windows so this might actually work for my flat. I just feel that this get up above is looking ever so chill. Perfect for reading the afternoon away with some scented candles. Also, it kinda challenges me to get rid of some furniture that’s currently in our way, in line with my desire to live with less. Decisions, decisions!

One of the best things about having lesser furniture is the even lesser need to clean and dust them :) What say you??

Our current just make it work look here.

My Life, Objectified

My life, objectified.

Here are some things that I can’t take my eyes off:

1. this basketIMG_2495(for making laundry a joy to look at!)

2. these brushesIMG_2500(for becoming softer and softer after every wash, totally eco!)

3. this cement flooringIMG_2487(for growing on me!)