My Life, Objectified

My life, objectified.

Here are some things that I can’t take my eyes off:

1. this basketIMG_2495(for making laundry a joy to look at!)

2. these brushesIMG_2500(for becoming softer and softer after every wash, totally eco!)

3. this cement flooringIMG_2487(for growing on me!)



Home My Life, Objectified

My life objectified.

1. these orchids IMG_1671(for brightening up our master bathroom, so welcoming!)

2.  this starry cotton shirtIMG_1677(for keeping me cool in the heat)

3. this greeneryIMG_9827(for being just 30 seconds away  ;)



My Life, Objectified personal

My life, objectified.

three little things that made my day, just a little tad vanille.

1. this self-arranged wild flowersIMG_1637(reminds me of the wonderful long walk to the promenade we had last weekend, just us 3)

2. this leather bag

IMG_1672(for doubling up as a cushion on long rides home on the train or bus)

3. this sunset view from my living room

IMG_0274(every day, without fail)

some other stories:

have your ever wondered why this dilemma has to happen to you? it’s funny.

comedians in cars getting coffee : sarah jessica parker and jerry seinfeld (SATC, Seinfeld and NYC!) i just love the way Seinfeld makes jokes out of absolutely nothing! He’s a genius.