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Where to take your other half on a Wednesday night

Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays has been around for the longest time, hasn’t it? Although I think it’s a real fun way to get the singles together, don’t you think it’d be nice to have another known night for all others? For example: Couple nights or Date night? Do you think it would work? What about : Married Couples’ Night Special – for the 2 of you who have forgotten what it’s like to be out? Seems legit eh?

Our latest rendezvous took us to BluJaz Cafe. A little jazz club off Bali Lane which is next to Arab St. I didn’t know there are many faces to this jazzy haunt. Apart from the main stage which is on the ground floor, there are various things happening simultaneously at this old, quaint joint. A special mention would be the comedy club that is on almost every wednesday night. Comedy club in Singapore?!! Other than Kumar, I wouldn’t really bother because you know he is the comedy (drag) Queen of our little island!  But yes, these improv comedies are quite good too! Some of the comedians are new so they are still working on their stuff but some really managed to leave us in stitches.

Here are some pictures of my night out avec Le Monsieur if you’d like to see….

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A trip to Legoland & Puteri Harbour, Malaysia

I really think we were one of the last families to visit Legoland, Malaysia. Just cannot believe that if LIttle Man did not insist on paying a visit, we would definitely have given it a miss. Well, the amusement park is what it is, amusing for children. There’s little doubt Little Man had his day! But what’s surprising is that even us adults liked it!

Here are some pictures if you’d like to see:IMG_2186

such amazing care and attention to details, gives me a headache :p

IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2214

a very happy boy!
driving school
i got my license Mama!!

IMG_2281 IMG_2283


“said” happy adults!

IMG_2287 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2300

the awesome castle
en guard!



Little Man and I really loved the castle. It was hard to leave after a whole day of fun! After the park, we checked into the Puteri Harbour Trader’s Hotel, which was a lovely retreat. We were surrounded by yachts that were docked around the harbour. There’s just something about being in view of serene waters that relaxes you. We had a wonderful time!

Traders Hotel lobby
the main view from our room


shady promenades lined the harbour. You can find pretty cafes and restaurants here with the view above.
view from the rooftop pool

IMG_2445 IMG_2453

Just 2 guys chillin’…..

So that was the trip we were iffy about and it turned out fabulous! We had such a great time and would definitely come back for more! We are waiting for the ferry service straight to the harbour from Singapore!


What does the signal mean? Please, tell me!

Please choose the correct answer.

When a driver in the next lane in front of you signals, indicating his intention to change lanes, what do you do?
a.  keep at the same speed because you don’t know what it means
b. speed up because that’s what the other driver’s signal means to you
c. pretend you didn’t see the signal
d. slow down and give way accordingly
I am sure we all know the answer but unfortunately, it is very, very frustrating when u do signal the other vehicles seem to ignore you. And when you do try to move, they get defensive like this: What?! What gives you the right to be in front of me? No way! I’m going to speed up!
To that particular driver of a truck this morning, I say this to you : exercise some road courtesy, please! ( although earlier it went something like this:” if you continue to drive this way, you’d be sitting in a wheelchair soon and I’ll be the first one to push you down a steep, rolling hill! $%#%@!!!) 
He really riled me up by refusing to acknowledge my signal and speeding up like a road bully that he is.  I refused to give up and miss my turn and kept on moving into his lane until he gave in. And like a true female driver, I blocked his entrance into the main road by stalling on the slip road. With no other on-coming vehicles to give way to. For a whole 5 seconds.
There, you deserve it!