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I love this new web series: High Maintenance

high maintenance

Just to share with you a new web series I came across that’s really funny and entertaining. What I like about it is that each episode lasts less than 10 minutes and doesn’t take too much of your time. The Monsieur and I watched it last night and we had a good laugh together just before going to bed. Super in-house date-night entertainment.

Synopsis: It’s about a weed supplier in NYC and his varied customers. If you enjoy American comedies, you will definitely like this!

You can find the videos here.



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Where to take your other half on a Wednesday night

Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays has been around for the longest time, hasn’t it? Although I think it’s a real fun way to get the singles together, don’t you think it’d be nice to have another known night for all others? For example: Couple nights or Date night? Do you think it would work? What about : Married Couples’ Night Special – for the 2 of you who have forgotten what it’s like to be out? Seems legit eh?

Our latest rendezvous took us to BluJaz Cafe. A little jazz club off Bali Lane which is next to Arab St. I didn’t know there are many faces to this jazzy haunt. Apart from the main stage which is on the ground floor, there are various things happening simultaneously at this old, quaint joint. A special mention would be the comedy club that is on almost every wednesday night. Comedy club in Singapore?!! Other than Kumar, I wouldn’t really bother because you know he is the comedy (drag) Queen of our little island!  But yes, these improv comedies are quite good too! Some of the comedians are new so they are still working on their stuff but some really managed to leave us in stitches.

Here are some pictures of my night out avec Le Monsieur if you’d like to see….

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French Film Festival in Singapore!

Do you love foreign films? Growing up, I remember catching some of these movies on the now defunct Channel 12 , one of the channels on local TV. I think it was on every Thursday night or something. One weekly night, it was either German, Swedish, Iranian, French or Italian in the house. No one in my family understood why I needed to watch a movie in a language I don’t understand! Looking back, I think it was all for a reason for now I am sharing a life with a foreign man, hee!

The Film Festival turned out to be a surprise date-night for the Monsieur and I. We decided on 2 movies: Qu’est Qu’on a Fait Bon Dieu and Sous Les Jupes des Filles. The first one is about inter-faith marriages in a Catholic French family. At the mere mention of that, I knew this movie will be a riot! It’s the type of movie that makes you laugh every 3 minutes! I swear. The second one is about all French women and their idiosyncrasies.

‘Quelle horreur’, enough said! LOL!

Here are some pictures of us at the red carpeted event at Alliance Francaise if you’d like to see:IMG_2018






Their fabulous giveaway ;)

What makes this event rather red carpet is you get to rub shoulders with the cast and directors/producers of the films! Very nice surprise at the end of your rendezvous I would say!


All movies part of the 4th Rendezvous with French Cinema and thank you Alliance Francaise de Singapour for the marvellous experience!