We are what we eat

I never really understood the meaning of the phrase ‘we are what we eat’. It always seems disconnected to me as I really usually just eat whatever I fancy. So, if its fried chicken, it doesn’t make any sense I’ll turn into one does it?! Haha!

It never daunted on me the meaning to be so intricately weaved into what it actually does for the body.. eat so as to nourish your body. Usually, it’s just done to satisfy the tastebuds!

Well in the spirit of having my cake and eating it too, I’m determined to eat to nourish my body and also keep them tastebuds smilin’ so here we go in under 30 minutes. My very own fusion.

Salmon with provencal herbs
Garlic sautéed asparagus & mushroom
Basmati rice

For full recipe, go here 

A handful of fresh sprigs of rosemary, cherry tomatoes, sauvignon mushrooms and asparagus…

Marinade steak with olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper , rosemary leaves and dash of lemon juice
Add onions in pan and some water, sautee till caramelised

Add cherry tomatoes

Add in milk and season to taste..dash of thyme, oregano and marjoram if any, sea salt, add in fish and let it sit till flesh is pink rosee…

  Asparagus & mushroom with garlic

Sautee the garlic 
Add mushroom, asparagus and sea salt

Basmati rice

Basmati rice with cumin & butter into the pot
Fluffy white rice in no time!

Et Voila!!

A smiley Monsieur :)


Baby steps

The title of this very first post resonates with me. this is how we start. with little steps.
I remember when my very own baby took his first steps, it must be horrifying for him, the uncertainty of where he is going to land, of falling, of heading to the unknown but in this case of a wandering toddler, he came right back to where he started and there he goes again and again…..

Hello world

Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!