5 X’mas gifts under $25 that you’d want for yourself!

Tis’ the season to be jolly, lalalalalalalalalalalaaaa! Yes, that’s what is heard playing at the malls but I think for most of us, it translates to tis’ the season to spend and not feel guilty? Either ways here I’ve compiled a meaningful gift guide for just under $25. The trick here is, for anything that you will buy that is under $25, it should be something that you’d like to receive for yourself! I think it’s apt to come up with a guide like this coz just last night, I read an article on how people fake it when they receive gifts they don’t really like just to be polite to the gifter. How many of us, giftees, are guilty of THAT??

And re-gifting is okay gifters as long as, like I’ve mentioned, it’s something you would want or keep for yourself. So gifters and giftees, here we go:

1. IMG_2055This candle smells like pure indulgence. There are many other scents as well like Christmas Eve for that warm and spicy feel, Sparkling Snow for a refreshing scent, Cedar & Balsam for more musk but keep a look out for Mistletoe, it makes you think of kisses you are gonna get!

2.IMG_2056This clever wooden thing that I didn’t know what it was for until I realised it holds my ring just fine. If you are like me and sleep without your accessories, this is the perfect place to park your ring(s). No scratches!

3.IMG_2057Animal trinkets in stainless steel! I think this makes a perfect crowd on your bookshelves. They can sit and be merry with your book collections. Paper weights, anyone?


Tea leaves holder for that cup of stress-relieving tea for your girlfriend who is slogging to meet her deadline at the office? How cute are those legs dangling in there? She will thank you!

5. IMG_2062An owl tray set for tea and biscuits? Comes complete with a mug, coaster and a little tray. Woot wooooot! I love!

And you, have you done your shopping yet? Any other gift ideas for under $25 or $30 and so on? Feel free to share here.

p.s all gifts are found at City Square Shopping Mall’s main atrium.

p.p.s they are having a wonderful X’mas wonderland just at the entrance of the mall, perfect for kids 1-5 years old! More on our escapades there later.