Afternoon rendezvous

I love shady afternoons where Little Man and I can actually take a leisure stroll anywhere. ┬áLocation: Clarke Quay Purpose: Getting some essential sunlight and nourishment. Below are some pictures if you’d like to see….




photo courtesy of a kind passer-by who understood the struggle of taking a selfie with a 4-year old who insists on kissing you at the same time

what about you? do you have a favourite activity with your child, just for the 2 of you? i’d love to hear about them.

articles that spurred this post:

10 reasons you shouldn’t give a handheld device to your child/children, go here.

10 reasons why some people continue to give handheld device to their child/children here.

well, if you are undecided, don’t fret, you are part of the rest of us parents who still want the best for our child, even though sometimes we are pretty clueless about it !