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Maison Francaise

IMG_2679Any dinner setting with sparkling water on the table is a sign of pure indulgence that is awaiting. Again, while still on a lookout for a perfect eventful dinner in KL, we came across Maison Francaise. A very posh restaurant that used to be a home! It is a spanking villa lookalike with a terrace spotting the sights of the city’s iconic twin towers, no less.IMG_2680IMG_2681IMG_2695For starters, we had an amuse-bouche;IMG_2689A little thin wafer crisp bread, smoked salmon and cream, half a tomato and garnish. Tasted like no other.

Followed by the lobster bisque;IMG_2690Forgive the tad-too-much orange tinge, but the intimate light setting could only produce these shots. This soup is magic. It’s very light and titillating to say the least. And when you bite into the first piece of the succulent lobster, you won’t know what hit you! We loved it!

Now, on to the main courses, the Monsieur and I opted for seafood. Les poissons;IMG_2697¬†Seabass on a bed of tomato sauce perfumed with orange. Can you imagine the work that goes into that? And the fillet is grilled ever so perfectly. Crisp on the outside, tender and fragrant on the inside. Ahhh…the joys of eating ;) Ok I’ve realised that I actually do not have a picture of the Monsieur’s dish. I was totally occupied with eating mine.

Last but not least, desssert! This part of the meal is usually optional for me as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but since we dancing to the tune of french cuisine, it seems abit of a misgiving if I missed a step. So here goes;IMG_2701IMG_2698Piece of art? Perhaps. Explosion on the tongue? Very much so. I don’t know what is it about French cuisine that makes explosion on the tongue sounds overrated. To be honest, I get irritated too sometimes when I hear this phrase but I have to tell you, it is true. It’s like you are forcing your tongue up and working all its tastebuds in one spoonful. It is so hard to describe as you take in the taste of each ingredient being carefully prepared and infused into the dish. I’ve never liked the marriage of chocolate and pistachio ice cream so much!

Hats off to the Executive Chef, Thierry Le Baut who is kind enough to take some time to speak with us and even presented Little Man with his very own chef hat;IMG_2706IMG_2703

Maison Francaise is located at No. 5 Changkat Kia Peng 50450, Kuala Lumpur. You can find their website here. I can promise you a delightful dinner, hosted with charm and genuine smiles by their amicable chef and his staff.


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A trip to Legoland & Puteri Harbour, Malaysia

I really think we were one of the last families to visit Legoland, Malaysia. Just cannot believe that if LIttle Man did not insist on paying a visit, we would definitely have given it a miss. Well, the amusement park is what it is, amusing for children. There’s little doubt Little Man had his day! But what’s surprising is that even us adults liked it!

Here are some pictures if you’d like to see:IMG_2186

such amazing care and attention to details, gives me a headache :p

IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2214

a very happy boy!
driving school
i got my license Mama!!

IMG_2281 IMG_2283


“said” happy adults!

IMG_2287 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2300

the awesome castle
en guard!



Little Man and I really loved the castle. It was hard to leave after a whole day of fun! After the park, we checked into the Puteri Harbour Trader’s Hotel, which was a lovely retreat. We were surrounded by yachts that were docked around the harbour. There’s just something about being in view of serene waters that relaxes you. We had a wonderful time!

Traders Hotel lobby
the main view from our room


shady promenades lined the harbour. You can find pretty cafes and restaurants here with the view above.
view from the rooftop pool

IMG_2445 IMG_2453

Just 2 guys chillin’…..

So that was the trip we were iffy about and it turned out fabulous! We had such a great time and would definitely come back for more! We are waiting for the ferry service straight to the harbour from Singapore!