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Knock knock! Who’s there?

Shades of Vanille has been rather quiet. The last two-three months have been quite the ride for me. I know that I have been mentioning on the blog in my last few posts about the upcoming holiday we will take and that I will write about here, well THAT has come and gone too. Our try out for french-living that lasted for a whole month. My reason for not writing : un-motivation. Or so I thought because as it turned out, I was going through an emotional crisis; a first trimester that wasn’t meant to be :( i think i will leave it at that as there is nothing more to say. As for our break in France, I will try to compress the photos in one of my upcoming posts if you’d like to see them.

Moving forward, my 37th birthday a few days ago was all I hoped for it to be. Just good comforting company for the whole day and night ;) I realized that the older I grow, the lesser I need. And the more private I become. You start to want intangible things that make pleasurable memories for you. For now, it is good like that for me. And, as the clouds in my head begin to disperse, I see no reason not to continue as I meant to.

So post midweek, I just want to say Shades of Vanille is back in gear :) And for this occasion I’d like to mention a special shout out to the MY Monsieur for picking up the cue ever so subtly and his surprise for me. A one night stay at a boutique hotel downtown. No frills and no gimmicks, it was sublime! This little piece of haven right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city really made it a wonderful birthday treat.


How obscurely cute is the circular structure? I missed it a few times while just going round it !

Scene 2: IMG_3885How lush is this? Don’t know, we slept like babies :)

Scene 3:IMG_3888The best tiramisu I’ve ever tasted just because it’s my birthday ;)

Scene 4:rooftop barThe rooftop bar

Scene 5:


Hotel facade by night.

Final scene:


Oh well, we were happy although it’s not really clear here. Hmm…perhaps a new iphone is in order? <hint-hint>