Do you know what you (really) look like?

Do you know that we all have a mirror face? A face that we show when we look into the mirror. This is called our mirror image as opposed to our true image. Usually, it’s a very flattering one. Haha! I know this because I feel the need to adjust my expression whenever I pass by a mirror because I just don’t like my relaxed face. I don’t know it just looks weird that I either have to pout my lips or give a put up appearance. Am I the only one who does this?! According to this article : Why Selfies Sometimes Look Weird to their Subjects, we have our brains to blame for this. We have a perceived image of how we look like in our minds as opposed to how we really look like to others!

Which leads me to: how do people actually see me? OMG! if i don’t like my relaxed face, which is the mode it is in most times, I should be freaking out! While looking through my photos archive I came across some pictures Little Man might have taken of me while I was concentrating on something…must be reading on the computer, no?

Here goes:





And here’s a selfie I took of myself to see the difference:



Do you see any difference in the first 3 pics and the selfie? Hmm…i’d think the almost double chin thing miraculously disappeared in the last pic. What’s interesting is that in the article it mentioned that most of us prefer our mirror to our true images whereas friends and loved ones always prefer our true images, no matter how bad we think we look. And, isn’t that amazing?

p.s my hair so crazy curly i don’t know what to do. but i know i’ll have loved ones telling me, it’s nice what ! but really, any tips?