Motherhood personal

What I do as a mother.

Motherhood is a strange thing. It involves A LOT of work and at times require you to do nothing at all but watch. And closely at that. I say this because I find that a major part of parenting involves you to just watch over your child. It takes a whole day. In fact, it is every moment of the day now that school is out. Today Little Man is exercising his free-will of not having to shower since he does not have to be in school. I cannot believe how difficult this issue of showering/taking a bath is! Many a times I have to remind him repeatedly but today I decided to do something different. I told him if he doesn’t want to take a shower, then all his privileges like playing with friends outside and video games are out of order.

He seems okay with that. I found him playing by himself in his room.

I then thought to perhaps not offer him lunch unless he showers but decided against it.

Hmmm…so it is not working out. I suppose I just have to be okay with him not showered all day and just wait it out.

So here’s a picture that best describes what I do all day with my son…IMG_1253

……just looking at him and wondering when the antics will ride itself out so things can be normal. But then again, what’s so great about normal?

bonus: If i can stand my 4 year old not showering for a whole day, i can face anything. ANYTHING.

hope you’re having a good monday!